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Hi, my name is Roberto, and I am the founder of this family business, and I am very grateful that you are here with us.

The passion for watches? We live in the country, among other things renowned for its watches, Switzerland. We also live in a village where from the late 1800s until the end of the 1980s, most people worked in the watch industry. I had two uncles who had their own family business in this area. In case you are interested in more information, click here, and you will find a short report.

In a few years, evolution, technology, and other factors have made this sector disappear completely.

Combining the passion of watches with the desire to relive those moments differently, we decided to embark on this adventure.

Our mission is to offer quality watches at an affordable price for everyone, with fast delivery times and no shipping costs.

To do this in the best possible way, we have carried out a lot of research and made many evaluations that have allowed us to select suppliers and products that match our expectations but above all the requirements of our customers.

In the unfortunate event that something should not be to your liking, we are ready to refund you entirely without questions.

Our greatest wish is to be able to offer you our line of watches in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact us on the appropriate page or at the following e-mail address:

Thank you for your trust.


strada dala vigna 18
6822 arogno, switzerland

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