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Wrist Watch The Jewel To Wear The Time

We like to think that a wristwatch is a jewel to wear the time.

Words are a powerful tool that reflects our sensibility, personality, and soul. At the same time, the way we dress, wear a jewel and a wristwatch reflect our personality.

This time we decided not to talk about technical qualities of which watch is better than another, whether the leather strap is more appropriate and how to choose the best watch for you. In this post, we want to highlight the fascinating, perhaps a little romantic and nostalgic aspect. Therefore, if you have a few minutes we would be extremely pleased if you read these few lines.

What does all this have to do with wristwatches? you ask.

In our opinion, everything.

It all began when in 1500 Peter Henlein replaced the weights in driving clocks with a mainspring. This concept is still found in wristwatches today, certainly modified, and improved, but at the base remains the fact that when the mechanism is driven, the energy in the mainspring accumulates, and this allows the watch to run. Obviously not in quartz watches that require a battery.

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The fascinating aspect is that Peter Henlein was helping us all to wear time, giving us the chance to see it flow, flying 24 hours a day from our wrist.
We can interpret this ability to read time in two ways, a blessing, or sometimes it becomes a constraint. One thing is sure the responsibility does not lie with the wristwatch.

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We hope that the next time you check what time it is you can look beyond the dial, that you remember that thanks to the skill and commitment of someone you have the opportunity to wear the time and all the good moments of your life that thanks to this information you could live.

Why are you wearing your watch?

Let us know your opinion, helps us improve the quality of our content.

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