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Which Wrist To Wear The Watch On

Surely you are aware that the left wrist is recognized as the correct side to wear a watch. With the advent of social media, and the constant and abrupt changes in fashion and style, the discussion about which wrist to wear the watch and how to wear it has become increasingly intense. I prefer to say it straight away in my opinion there is no wrong or correct way to wear a watch, let's say it may depend on the time or activity. Let's look at the most common situations.

 what wrist to wear a watch

 When and why to wear the watch on your left wrist

Most people wear the watch on their left wrist as it is their non-dominant side. As a rule, a left-handed person does the opposite. Anyway, some people do the reverse. Now, let's look at the reason for this unwritten rule.
The answer is simple, the non-dominant arm is the least used, so it is where the watch is least perceived. Try for a moment to imagine writing with the timepiece on your right wrist. It's certainly not comfortable for most people. Or you want to look at the time, but you're holding a cup of coffee. Again, everything is more complicated. Moreover, there are also several reasons related to wear and tear and the likelihood of damage to the watch. In a nutshell, this unwritten rule was born for practical grounds. If most people had been left-handed, it would have been the other way around. Now we see alternative solutions.

what wrist to wear a watch

 Japanese women

They wear the watch with the dial inside, as they believe that the gesture of looking at the time is more elegant and feminine. It could be an alternative solution, particularly during a social event.

 what wrist to wear a watch

 Over the long sleeves 

This style is well known in some parts of Europe as it was adopted by the historic owner of FIAT, now known as FCA, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

 what wrist to wear a watch

On the strong side

Today is one of the most common alternatives, especially during parties and events related to leisure in general. For easier reading with the watch crown facing upwards.

what wrist to wear a watch


The practical reasons for wearing the watch on your weak wrist mean that you can't do otherwise. First, wear the watch where and how you feel most comfortable. If it is your strong side, be careful not to damage it, especially if you do manual activities such as using the hammer. Secondly, no one forbids you to change your style concerning the activity you are going to perform. Remember the watch reflects your personality and your way of being, don't let the stereotypes get in the way.

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