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Watch Size Band Do I Need

Welcome, and thank you for being here. I assume that you struggle to understand what watch size band do you need, and honestly without know, your need I can't answer your question, and nobody can.

What I can do for you is to explain the pros and cons of every band type and give you the right information to choose the right band length.

Leather Band

We all recognize and love leather. The herbal and gentle sense of tanned cowhide is sort of beautiful to the touch. It’s a way greater snug to put on than metal, is available in plenty of specific patterns and adapts/stretches a bit with time.

If you're the use of a glance in advance to a formal style, leather is often the right choice. It seems a manner greater fashionable and often fits your outfit’s leather-primarily based on the belt, which as any stylist will tell you, it’s all about matching accessories! That isn't to say that metal bands are not suitable for formal wear, but leather has that extra style.

The disadvantage is that leather is subject to wear if you decide to buy a watch with a leather strap you have to consider the fact that it will have to be replaced.

Watch Size Band Do I Need

Metal Band

There is no doubt about its durability, ability to withstand friction, and it is also water-resistant. It is the right choice if you plan to buy a watch to wear every day without worries. Personally, it's the solution I prefer. I have 20-year-old watches still in perfect condition.

In my opinion, there are two weak points, for some people the metal is cold to wear and, the watch is heavier to wear, and this could be a problem for some people.

Nato Band

Nato band has evolved in recent years and has become popular.
I find it an optimal solution, especially when you do sports activities or in informal situations. I can't stand plastic straps, so for me, it's the best alternative when I'm exercising.

How to choose the right band size

Leather Band

It needs more space, so add 2 cm to the size of your wrist.

Metal Band

With a metal band, add 1 cm to your wrist is more than enough.

Nato Band

The space needed must be more, a great solution is to add 2.5 cm.

Now you have all the necessary information, in any case, do not forget your personal preferences, which are equally important.

If you need to know how to measure your wrist stay tuned, I will publish soon Watches Size Guide.

Let me know your opinion, which helps me improve the quality of my content.


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