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The definition of sports watch refers to a type of style and design of the watch. It means that the timepiece does not necessarily play an active role when it comes to training or physical activity in general.

In addition to design, watches that fall into the category of sports watches have better resistance as they are made with thicker cases and higher performance crystals. In turn, the class is composed of subcategories, the most popular are, diving watch, pilot watch, racing chronograph, and so on.

A beautiful sports watch can also be worn with elegant clothing and has the advantage that it will accompany you for a long time. Probably the best example is the Rolex Submariner model, born as a diver's watch and now also worn with a jacket and tie.

sport watches online

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Sport Watches Features

The first characteristic is the material used stainless steel, better still if of type 316L. This type of stainless steel offers better corrosion resistance and falls into the marine grade category. In other words, you can use the watch even when you are at sea without any problems whatsoever. Considering that sweat is also corrosive, this choice is also appropriate for everyday life.

Water resistance. Of course, a good sports watch must be water-resistant. I am sure this is a subject where opinions are very divergent. I believe, that for most people a resistance of between 30 and 50 m is more than enough, certainly 50 offers more guarantees. If you practice regular activities in the water while wearing your watch, a resistance of up to 100 m is more appropriate.

Shock resistance. Another attribute that cannot be missed. The sapphire crystal is the right choice. This material is very resistant, and it is almost impossible to scratch it. You need a diamond to scratch a sapphire crystal surface. That doesn't mean you can hammer your watch. Inside it is the movement mechanism, which is sensitive to vibrations. Besides, a sapphire crystal protecting a watch has limitations due to its thickness. The protection is not developed, for prolonged extraordinary stress.

sport watches online

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Claps Typ. In this case, the answer is simple, security clasp. This solution prevents you from losing your watch due to the accidental opening of the buckle.

Functions. In addition to time, seconds, date, 24-hour window, dial month, and chronograph dial. If you are a function lover, many models also offer you the possibility to calculate the speed.

Movement. Without a doubt, at least that's my opinion, mechanical movement. It avoids the battery, and that's is good for the environment. Moreover, it avoids having to open the watch regularly, perhaps compromising its water resistance.

sport watches online

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Out of the box

If your interest in sports watches is exclusively related to design you can wear one with the leather strap, more pleasant to the touch, or without the functions that are usually available. Nowadays, the market offers many models that allow you to make this choice.

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I am always of the opinion that you need to feel good to wear a watch, that it reflects your personality, and that it matches your way of dressing. I'm sure following these simple rules will make the most appropriate choice for you.

If you are looking for quality watches at affordable prices, I invite you to visit our proposals. You will find a wide range of possibilities.

Let me know your opinion, which helps me improve the quality of my content.


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